We proudly present our new logo!07.07.2020

As Renkler, we have been in continuous development since the day we were founded in 1980. In this way, we have become one of the sought-after strategic suppliers of the domestic and global industry sector.

We always pursued the better by supporting each other with all our employees, suppliers and customers we serve.

We see it as our biggest responsibility to develop our company every day with more robust steps, to continue our investments without slowing down and to achieve a respectable position especially in foreign markets.

In this context, we have updated our existing company logo, that we have used today, in which we celebrate our 40th anniversary, in line with our goals to become a global brand.

Our new logo; in addition to reflecting our expertise in “sheet and metal processing” and our “know-how” power, it symbolizes our “young” and “dynamic” staff with modern lines.

The abstract letter "R" in the general view of our logo is formed by the "arrow to the right" that ensures continuous development and the "check mark" that emphasizes the smooth production technology we have.

Red, which is the color of energy, passion, power and movement, emphasized the dynamism of our company and the positive relationship with all stakeholders.