about us

Renkler, with more than 400 employees and a total of 3 production factories and 2 logistics centers located in İzmir and Manisa, provides service for its customers with its dynamic human resources, high product quality and superior technological infrastructure.

Renkler, which set out to produce the parts that make up the products that are the necessity of modern life on the basis of minimum cost and maximum benefit and in a durable and high quality manner, was established in 1980 in Izmir. Renkler, which has added mechanical part molds and apparatus design & manufacturing capabilities to sheet metal cutting and shaping capabilities through machining, pressing, punch, laser and bending machines since its establishment, has become one of the strategic suppliers of the national and international industrial sector with its ability to produce welded, semi-assembled, assembled and turnkey products as well as individual parts.

With the passion of creating a whole with its customers, solution partners, suppliers and employees, Renkler is taking firm steps towards the goal of becoming a global player today.

It has been rapidly developing its international customer portfolio, especially by providing solution partnership support to its global customers with its design power.

Renkler, which has been continuing its development for years with the  "Preferred Supplier”  title granted by Schneider Electric and Bosch companies, is a successful organization that has been awarded the best solution partner and quality awards by Siemens group of companies. Renkler which produces and assembles components for electromechanical, white goods, automotive and similar industries, always aims to be preferable with its product and shipping quality.

Renkler has acted with the awareness of its responsibilities to human and nature in all corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects it has implemented. With the apprenticeship training unit, which has been operating since 2008 within the Company and has received a quality award from the Ministry of National Education, it is proud to train qualified employees and graduate 40 students each year, who are exemplary in their social skills and who are equipped with technical skills.

our vision

To be a leading company in sustainability, adhering to ethical principles, preferred by all our stakeholders, and included in the ISO 500 industrialist list.

our mission

Our company is a trustworthy, innovative, customer and human-centric organization. We are competitive in flexible manufacturing through the quality of our products, services, and technology. We apply global sustainability goals in all our activities, prioritizing human health and the environment. We contribute to the development of our stakeholders and embrace contemporary management systems.