form of trust

Renkler has been one of the strategic suppliers of the national and international industry sector with its production capabilities that it has continuously developed since its establishment in 1980.

It has become one of the preferred suppliers of the world's leading technology companies and has been awarded best solution and quality awards by these companies.

It has succeeded all these through its customer-oriented working principle, the philosophy of contributing to the development of its stakeholders, its sensitivity to the environment, its sensitivity to occupational health and safety, and its adoption of modern management and production systems.

This structure, created by Renkler with all its employees, suppliers and customers, is actually based on the trust each of them has towards the other.

This form of trust, which has become stronger over the years, continues its existence by getting stronger like steel and continues to develop with the principle of positive thinking and sharing.

Today, Renkler, together with all its stakeholders, not only gives a perfect form to steel, but also continues to bring a new form to the sector with the sense of trust it has developed.