Renkler has the pressing ability from 63 tons to 800 tons in both production locations operating in Kemalpaşa and Manisa Organized Industrial Zones, and their maximum press table size is 3500x2000 mm.

There are more than 20 presses in the lines, including eccentric, hydraulic, link drive and precision cutting presses. In addition to having a wide range of pressing technology, Renkler has advanced feeding technology by using 6-axis robotic lines, pick and place robots, straighteners, servo and pneumatic feeders to continuously feed the press lines.

In the press lines, there are also fast product line change (movable  supports, fast clamping, fast mold mounting / dismounting, etc.), ease of maintenance and ergonomic designs. All these activities take our installations to a higher level.

Renkler meets customers' mold orders very quickly with its own mold workshop. It is one of the most specialized companies in the sector, capable of designing and producing its own molds with high technology CNC machines.