sheet metal processing

Having a very large machine park with 5 Prima Power, 1 Amada punch cutting and 1 Prima Power panel bender, Renkler shares 40 years of experience with its customers with this rich machine park, without creating tool and mold costs.

Having the ability of sheet metal processing, which is the trend of today, thanks to 3 CNC laser machines and using its nearly 10 years of experience in this field, Renkler closely follows new technology every day and realizes the supply of the highest quality and fast, flexible products.

Renkler is proud of being one of the enterprises with the largest machine park and product family in the region and in our country, with 10 CNC bending machines and a wide range of tools in the sheet metal processing department and the service opportunity that gives its customers a great advantage in tool investment costs.

With the capacity and capability of processing 1mm- 5mm plate thickness, galvanized, CRS, HRP and stainless steel sheet plate, aluminum, copper plate, production can be carried out in our facilities in both locations.